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In September the Cadouin shop opens its doors from 11 am to 6 pm.
Closed Mondays all day and Saturday mornings.

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BIJOUX D EMAIL is a french company created in 1999 by Delphine Geoffray.
It is located in the beautiful area called Perigord in the southwest of France; this is where all the pieces of jewelry are delicatly manufactured from an ancestral process of enamelling.
Draw on a copper shit then cut it out of it with a paire of special scissors, the piece of jewelry is hammered in order to give it a curved shape .
Many steps of cleaning are necessary before to select preciously the colors and then to place them very gently on the top and afterwards fire it at 900 degrees in a special kiln.
Lots of transparent enamels are used to bright up the colors and give to the pieces of jewelry this  unusual shinning touch.
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